Which is the best choice for the assembly equipment of bulb lamps

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2023-10-14 09:29

Guangzhou Rongyu Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd

Main Products: Ball Bubble Lamp Ring Assembly Machine, LED Ball Bubble Simple Assembly Machine, 3-minute Aging Line, 15-minute Aging Line, Laser Machine, A-bubble Shell Feeding Machine, Automatic Discharging Machine, Boxing Machine, Mini Boxing Machine, Paper Box Forming Machine. This year, we have also developed plug-in machines, GU10 assembly machines, MR16 assembly machines, GX53 production lines, film shrinking machines, and more.

1. High product quality. During the processing of the parts, loading and unloading are completed, with high processing accuracy and stable processing form.

2. High equipment utilization rate. After the group of machine tools is integrated into the assembly line, the output of this group of machine tools is several times higher than when they are used for dispersed single machine operations.

3. The production capacity is relatively stable.

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