Rongyu Intelligent will appear at the 29th China Ancient Town International Lighting Expo

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2023-10-14 09:31


The 29th Guzhen Lighting FairUnveiled on 0ctober 22-26. 2023

The 29th Guzhen Lighting Exhibition will be held on22-26 October 2023 at Guzhen Convention and ExhibitionCentre, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, with thetheme of "Guzhen Lighting Lighting llluminates the World"which will comprehensively display the intelligent lighting.home lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting,auxiliary accessories, machinery and equipment, hardwaresanitary ware, soft decorations and other diversifiedcategories of the whole industry chain to meet the one-stopsourcing needs of global buyers.

Booth No: D-A01



October 22-262023Guzhen Convention andExhibition Center, ZhongshanCity,Guangdong Province.Rongyu lntelligent Machinery invites you to visitand communicate with us


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22-26 0ctober 2023
Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Zhongshan Lighting Capital

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